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KENO Numbers at Your Fingertips

Search your favorite numbers and save them to your Dashboard for easy access. Browse the Hot and Cold numbers in real time.

Keno Expert is designed to give you a customized experience with real-time analytics of KENO. KENO is an Ohio Lottery numbers game that is organized around draws of numbers and correlating boosters. Players are given the ability to choose from 1 to 10 numbers between the numbers of 1 and 80 and add on a booster to increase winnings. Keno Expert is an app that provides analytical data around the draws of KENO.


The app gives subscribers the ability to analyze the history of draws and gather statistical data about the numbers and boosters. While there's no way to predict what numbers will be drawn next, the app gives you statistical data to help you decide what numbers will give you the edge when you play.

To help customize your experience, the app provides a Dashboard where you can save your favorite searches for quick access. When you run a search on your favorite numbers, Keno Expert will tell you the last time your numbers hit, the draw number, and the booster. Then you can decide if you want to play those numbers! If your numbers aren't feeling lucky, use other features to determine what you want to play, such as Hold and Cold numbers or Reports.

Download Keno Expert today from the app store!


Providing a Number Service

Our goal is to give you the edge in choosing your numbers for the next draw!

Data in Real Time

Data in the app is updated in real time. You can count on the information being provided and be assured that your searches are reflecting up-to-date results.

Online Support

We are here to help! Email us or use the chat feature on our website to contact us with questions. You can also view our help videos to see how each feature of the app works.

Top Security

Our services take advantage of Apple and Google security, so you know your activity and payments are safe.

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Advantages that
Our App Offers

Personalize Your Experience

Use the Dashboard to save your favorite searches. Add searches with a few simple taps directly in the app. Once your favorite searches are saved to your Dashboard, you can easily run the search anytime with one quick tap!

Accessible from All Locations

Download the app to any device including your phone or tablet. Once you are registered, simply log into the app to run searches at your convenience from wherever you are.


We've Come a Long Way

It's been a long journey, but we're excited to have you be part of it!

The founder of Keno Expert is a computer guy who was determined that there must be a way to analyze the algorithm behind the Ohio Lottery game, KENO, and determine what numbers will hit and when. He began cataloging draws and analyzing the numbers that were hitting regularly. Word got around that he was trying to analyze the draws and people started asking for access to his data so they could do the same thing...and Keno Expert was born!

It all started with an Excel file and then moved to a slightly more sophisticated database. Now, it's a full application with a robust database behind it. The app is designed to give you easy access to data and statistics behind KENO.


Download the IOS or Android Keno Expert app from the app store today!


What People are Saying

Our subscribers are loving our app. See what they have to say about it!

"I've played Keno for years and now I finally have a tool to give me insight into my numbers! And I love the convenience of the dashboard for easy access to searches I run all the time."

“I love this app! My favorite way to pic numbers is to see what numbers are trending hot and cold. There's no way to see that without this app!”

"I have my usual numbers that I like to play, but when I want to switch it up, I use the Reports feature to see which pairs of numbers have hit the most recently. Love being able to look at hot and cold numbers too!"

-Jeremy B.

-Dan M.

-Brittany R.


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